About Us

Travel agency PAN TRAVEL Romania

Pan Travel is a purely Romanian tour operator specialized in inbound tourism. We are a Romanian travel agency (and tour operator) being in business since 1998. We are based in Cluj-Napoca, in the very heart of the legendary Transylvania.

Our mission is to support a sustainable society and sustainable trade by supporting all stakeholders towards greater sustainability awareness. We aim to do this by minimizing and mitigating negative impacts of tourism on the natural environment and by being an active contributor to our local community and society at large.

Our spirit is to promote through adapted and personalized tourist products the values of the natural and cultural patrimony of Romania. Romania is the country where the environment and the life in the countryside are still closer to the traditional image!

Our flexibility for anybody intending to visit Romania has been proven for over 24 years in offering clients a real face of Romania, insisting on values that are less and less present in other countries: authenticity, rural life, local activities, traditions, a true welcoming spirit.

We encourage green tourism (rural tourism), which keeps tourist far from the stress of towns, allowing active vacations, but also sight-seeing and human contacts, all these services being well appreciated by the clients and offering the best value for money.

Our strategy is not to include too many daily visits, in order to allow visitors to better understand what they see and, in a way, involve them directly, helping them to think and ask complementary questions. Exchanges with local communities are part of our strategy for a real responsible tourism.

All the hotels and guesthouses we are working with have good standards of quality.

The tours our travel agency is proposing in Romania represent the opportunity to uncover the richness of the traditions preserved for centuries, as well as the warm welcoming of the Romanian hosts. The modular conception of these tours makes them adaptable on your request.

For those of you who prefer private or family tours, we have a selection of guesthouses or holiday homes that we offer in marvelous and romantic regions of Romania: Maramures, Bucovina, the Apuseni Mountains (Aries Valley), Transylvania etc.

Due to the quality of our services we are listed in many travel guides as being one of the top Romanian incoming travel agencies.

Our entire staff, along with our professional guides (English, French, German speaking), permanently updates information on changes – roads, quality of food and services, new highlights appearing or old ones disappearing etc.
We believe that you deserve a great travel experience in Romania! We want to make sure your trip in Romania will be one of your best memories!

Feel free to contact us anytime for expert advice, travel services and any further information.

Meet you soon in Romania!

Cornelia Ureche and Andrei Mahalnischi

General selling conditions

1. Any packages delivered by Pan Travel are based on the contract, signed by both parts.
2. The contract includes
– detailed description of services (programme, accommodation, transportation, boarding etc.)
– duration
– number of participants
– price
– payment*
– cancellation**
* Pan Travel will deliver to the client a pro-forma invoice for the services specified by the contract. Once the payment has come through, Pan Travel will issue the final invoice.

Payment will be made by bank wire, as following:
– a deposit of 30% within 7 days from the signature of the contract
– the final payment must be completed at last 30 days before the date of the beginning of the trip.
For last minute bookings (less than one month before the beginning of the rip), the payment must be done in one installment.

Payment can be made by credit card too.

** Notice of cancellation by the CLIENT must be made in all cases in writing signed by the person who signed the contract. Cancellation is effective from the date of receipt by the ORGANIZER of such notice. Pan Travel will refund the amount paid by the client, deducting the cancellation charges and the bank transfer fees. The CLIENT cannot cancel only part of the services included in a package.


If the CLIENT cancels the trip, the following percentage of the total package price will be deducted as a cancellation charge:
– more than 30 days before the departure date: 10% of total amount
– 29 – 20 days: 25 % of total amount
– 19 – 10 days: 50 % of total amount
– 9 – 4 days: 80 % of total amount
– less than 4 days or NO SHOW: 100% of total amount

If the CLIENT purchased a trip cancellation insurance, the insurance company will refund the cancellation charge based on the invoices delivered by the travel ORGANIZER.