ROMANIA - country of Eastern Europe
Romania is a rich country in its diversity thanks to the specificity of its areas, of which each one carries a unique image: Bucovine, Transylvania, Maramures, the Carpathians, the Danube Delta, ... Thanks to its rather soft climate and to the diversity of its relief, but also to its thousand-year-old history, Romania offers a significant number of tourist attractions.
We will take you through part of these tourist richnesses of Romania.

Located at the North-East of Romania, Bucovine, with its houses decorated with floral motifs and the painted monasteries famous in the world: Voronet, Moldovita, Sucevita, Putna etc, represents a special attraction for the tourists. A curiosity: each monastery of Bucovine has its specific color: : blue for Voronet, yellow for Moldovita, green for Sucevita.
In Bucovine the quivering dishes will be one of the rewards for the effort to discover it!

To visit in Bucovina:

  • painted monasteries, UNESCO patrimony
  • workshops of black pottery of Marginea
  • painted egg decorators
  • Cacica saltmine
  • the town of Suceava

Transylvania - located at the center of Romania - is a territory of junction of several cultures: Romanian, German, Hungarian. Old medieval cities of Transylvania - Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Bistrita have preserved through centuries the traditional architecture and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

To visit in Transylvania:

  • towns of Brasov (Black Church, Place of the Council), Targu Mures (the Palace of Culture with the room of the mirrors, the Teleki library, the orthodoxe cathedral), Sighisoara (the old city), Cluj-Napoca (the old center, the Museum of art, its cathedrals), Sibiu (the museum of art Brukental, the Astra open air museum with the popular technique) etc
  • the fortress of Biertan
  • the vineyards of Blaj and Lechinta.

Dracula, character of legend, Dracula, hero of Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula, the nickname of prince Vlad Tepes... Where is the truth? The castle of Dracula in Bran, or Sighisoara, the town of birth of Dracula, or perhaps his castle in the Mounts of Bargau?
Follow the roads of DRACULA in Transylvania!

In the North of Romania, old territory of the free Daces, Maramures is famous by its wooden churches whose tower " crosses the clouds ", but also by the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, for the folk costumes in black and red, for the music and the warmness of the greeting of its inhabitants. It is in Maramures that the inhabitants kept as well their traditions that their belief in God. The Sunday service in a church of Maramures is really an impressive show. That is perhaps why death, such as it is presented on the crosses in the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta, does not frighten any more!

To visit in Maramures:

  • Bogdan Voda's wooden churches of Calinesti, Desesti, Ieud, Barsana
  • Spa of Ocna Sugatag
  • the valley of Vaser, where a small train, used by the foresters, is still in function
  • the ethnographic open air museum not far from Sighetu Marmatiei
  • the natural reserve of Pietrosul Rodnei

Backbone of the country, the Carpathians preserve a diversified natural inheritance: hundreds of caves in the Apuseni Mountains, the mineral springs in the eastern Carpathians, the wild landscapes in Fagaras, Retezat and Rodna or many imposing landscapes in southern Carpathians.
The Carpathians - mountains to be discovered!

Land of water and people, unique in Europe, the Danube Delta is the tourists' paradise, but also of the ornithologists and the fishermen. It is in the Delta that the large river which crosses seven European capitals has created an ecosystem which is unique in Europe. The slogan of the Reserve of the Biosphere of the Danube Delta is: " the Danube the Delta for us and our forebears " could be a subject of meditation for a great number of European citizens. To trully discover the Danube Delta you should do it in a traditional boat, with an old lipovenian fisherman, who is the best expert in this land.

Here are some good reasons to visit Romania. The spirit of Dracula died for a long time and so did Ceausescu, but the traces of their passing through history are still present.


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