Maramures is one of the last culture islands of Romanian traditions. The kindness of its inhabitants and gorgeous landscapes wait to be uncovered by visitors. This part of North Romania, placed between Hungary, Ukraine and the Carpathian Mountains is a real living museum of faith, traditions and welcoming spirit.

Due to its extended forested area, which allowed the building of wooden churches, but also wooden houses, covered with shingles, the Maramures deserves the surname “WOODLAND”. Carved oak-tree gates are symbols of family’s richness, but also the guardians of the family against bad spirits.

On Sunday morning, but also on holidays, all the community meets at the local church for the holy service. It’s the moment to forget the hard life during weekdays, but also a way of socializing. After the holy service, local people walk in the main street, proud to wear their traditional costumes; they discuss price of crops, they arrange weddings… You will remember this scene for years.

“Sweet Bucovina”, so called by its inhabitants, is a land of ever-present history, tradition and culture. The Painted Monasteries, built in the 15th and 16th centuries to thank God for the victories against invaders, are unique in the world. The beautiful landscape, vernacular peasant architecture, traditional folk music and costumes, carved wood artefacts and decorated Easter eggs all give continuing pleasure to visitors. The traditional gastronomy of the region, celebrated by visitors, is a further attraction.

We propose you a memorable tour to help you discover and understand the Romanian spirit of life.