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Do you have in mind touring Romania for your next holidays? It’s a great idea!

Changing your day-to-day life, leaving credit cards and the metropolitan’s timetable, as well as the traffic jams on the highways, the hamburgers and the Coke – this is the option we offer you if touring Romania.
Off the beaten tracks, you will discover the hidden image of a mostly unknown European country. A country blessed by its nature and hospitable people desiring and waiting for human contacts. A millenary culture, born between the sea and the forests along its often troubled history.
While touring Romania you will discover best of Transylvania, Wallachia, Bucovina, Maramures, Danube Delta and many other attractions.
Our programmes represent a synthesis of all these elements. Any of our tours in Romania can be adapted according to your preferences.

We have evaluated each tour in Romania on a scale of * to ***** according to five criteria: culture, nature, comfort, human contacts & fitness for walking and climbing.

Culture: The cultural patrimony is present everywhere in Romania, but some of our tours are especially focused on culture: urban and rural architecture, museums, churches and monasteries, the traditional way of life, folklore.

Nature: We always try to keep close to nature. That’s why some of our tours in Romania are particularly oriented to the richness of the natural patrimony: landscapes and original natural phenomena, nature reserves etc. For the most sporting of you, hiking will be the occasion for more spectacular discoveries; for the less sporting, a half a day walking and / or climbing will offer a good occasion to discover this land.

Comfort: In most of cases, the accommodation will be comfortable, but not luxurious. Accommodation can be in rural guesthouses labelled by the Romanian Tourist Authority or hotels, in single, double or triple rooms.

Human contacts: If you decide touring Romania, we encourage you for having local human contacts, by taking part in local traditional festivities. The longer your journey will be, the more occasions you will have to meet local culture. Welcoming spirit and mostly organic gastronomy are unforgettable, and staying in a village is your best experience and way to discover local people and their day to day life.

Climbing and walking skills: Our tours are fit for a medium skilled public. As an addition local programs include activities in the nature: rides in a boat, rides in a horse-drawn cart, easy hiking of 3 – 4 hours duration etc.. These activities do not require special skills.

Our tours request sometimes good adaptation to the climate conditions in Romania or to the changing of the time zone.

Most of the tours can be converted into self-drive tours or tailored tours according to your suggestions.