Become a Horezu Potter!

10 days art, craft and culture programme
Tour Duration : 10 days & 9 nights
Tour Length : 950 km

We offer you the unique opportunity of being initiated by a professional potter in an ancient, beautiful art, using centuries old traditional tools and techniques, while discovering the secrets of a wonderful, historical region. Your training in Horezu ceramics will be assisted by one or more local potters. You will work yourself on the potter’s wheel, decorate ceramics and fire it. At the end an evaluation of the best ceramic objects will take place. For almost one week the potter will show you how to apply all the techniques of realising traditional Horezu ceramics.

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Our Evaluation

  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Human Contact
  • Comfort
  • Climbing/Walking


  • Horezu pottery art
  • Etnographic ASTRA museum in Sibiu
  • Cozia Monastery
  • Constantin Brancusi sculptures
  • Curtea de Arges Monastery


Please click on each day to see the daily details.

Bucharest - Horezu (200 km)

Meet and greet at Bucharest International Airport. Drive to Horezu. Welcome dinner and accommodation in a rural guesthouse.

First day of your training in Horezu ceramic manufacturing
Breakfast. Today we collect and transport the clay to the local potter's workshop. For this we use horse or even ox-drawn carts. If the weather allows, we can enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of the nature. If not, lunch at the guesthouse.

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Modelling different clay forms, closely assisted by a Horezu potter

Breakfast. This day is dedicated to gaining and developing skills in shaping different pots. We can do this manually or on a potter's wheel.
Lunch at the guesthouse.

We will mostly concentrate on shaping plates, trying to get a form as round as possible. It is interesting to shape them on the potter's wheel just by using the hands. The designs vary, depending on the width and the size of the plate.
Dinner and overnight in a rural guesthouse in Horezu.

One day pause dedicated for local visits
Breakfast. The pots that have been shaped the previous day have to be left for drying, preferably under the sun.
Therefore we can enjoy some visits in the region. We travel north to Sibiu following the Olt Valley.

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Continue the Horezu pottery training: decoration of the plates with mineral colours
Breakfast. The pots that have dried out can be decorated. First we have to apply a white layer on the entire surface of the pot. This is made out of minerals and insures a better contrast of the colours on the pot.

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A well-deserved short pause, waiting for plates to dry in the open air
Breakfast. In the morning, we arrange the pots for drying out under the sun.
While the pots are left for drying we'll discover another region - we start our visits with the Polovragi Monastery, founded in 1643 by the chancellor Danciul Paraianul, under the rule of Matei Basarab.

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We arrange the ceramics for firing in the oven, being assisted by the potter
Breakfast. In the morning, we arrange the dried pots in the wood heated oven and then we fire the wood. The firing temperature gives pottery its finished appearance and its strength.

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Last details to be drawn before the final firing of ceramics
Breakfast. Today we can glaze the dried pots in order to make them look shinier and for the colours to be better underlined in contrast with the pot design and background.

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It's the "D" Day: the potter takes out of the oven the Horezu ceramics we've made!
Breakfast. In the morning, the owner of the pottery workshop will evaluate and select the three pots that ressemble most the authentic Horezu pottery. The persons who created them will receive prizes, consisting of pottery objects. Then we leave for Bucharest.

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Breakfast. Last opportunity for city sightseeing and shopping in Bucharest.

Transfer to Bucharest international airport for departure.

What's Included

  • Accommodation

    8 nights in a rural guesthouses and 1 night in a hotel (on a double room basis occupancy)

  • Boarding

    Full board (as specified in the programme)

  • Tickets

    Entry tickets for the visits included in the programme

  • Transport & Transfer

    Transport and transfers in Romania by car, minibus or coach

  • Road Taxes

    All road and parking taxes

  • Luggage

    Transport of luggage

  • Guide

    English speaking attested tour guide

  • Taxes

    All taxes

  • Materials

    All necessary specific materials and tools for exercising pottery


  • Participants no.
    Supplement (single)
  • 4
    April - October
    1100 EUR
    155 EUR
  • 8
    April - October
    940 EUR
    155 EUR
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