Motorhome Tours


Romania by mobilhome …. Why not ? Surely, the necessary infrastructure (campings) is not well spread yet, but that can be compensated in certain areas with appropriate places for mobilhomes in the courtyards or orchards of different guesthouses. We have implemented our own network for those who intend to visit Romania in mobilhome.

Installing your mobilhome in a grassy yard or in the orchard, breathing the fresh countryside air, discovering the traditional rural life and, why not, delight with the flavor of steaming meals, prepared from farm products … could you imagine anything better? You will come to appreciate the calm but mostly the warm and friendly welcoming of your hosts.

You should know that Romania is still a virgin territory, waiting to be discovered by lots of travelers. An infinite amount of interesting lakes, mountains, rivers; historical towns are in their original 18th century setting (Even Ceausescu did not touch our great historical areas).

The famous bad roads belong to the past and have been modernized. Food for mobilhome travelers can nowadays be bought in supermarkets all over Romania like the store chains of Metro, Carrefour, Selgros, Cora, Plus & others. Drivers can fill up their fuel tanks in the modern petrol stations OMV, Agip, Lukoil, Mol, Petrom all over the country. Wasted water and toilets can be emptied in camping or in the septic tanks of some guesthouses.
With respect to security: all over the country, criminality is at a very low rate. Nevertheless, free camping is not recommended.

The formula we are proposing addresses individuals and groups who want to discover by mobilhome a country where tourism is still virgin, a country where history, traditions and nature are within reach everywhere and all around.

Select the kind of tour you prefer (self-drive mobilhome tour in Romania) or guided mobilhome tour to see our offer.
Please note than the self-drive mobilhome tour can be adapted upon request (adding / skipping days, include other regions etc.).