Sweet Romania in a Motorhome Guided tour (25 days)

25 days cultural guided tour with your own motorhome
Tour Duration : 25 days & 24 nights
Tour Length : 2600km
August 31st – September 24th

2 available places

May 10th – June 3d
15 available places
June 14th – July 8th

15 available places

August 30th – September 23rd

15 available places

Our Evaluation

  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Human Contact
  • Comfort
  • Climbing/Walking


  • Bran Castle
  • Peles Castle
  • Medieval towns of Sighisoara, Brasov
  • Maramures wooden churches
  • Painted monasteries in Bucovina
  • Danube Delta
  • Bucharest, the capital city
  • Timisoara, symbol of the 1989 Revolution
  • Sibiu, 2007 European Culture Capital


Tour with your own motorhome

Please click on each day to see the daily details.

Romania motorhome tour

Arrival in Timisoara. Meet and greet with your guide in the camping. Welcome dinner in a restaurant. Parking of motorhomes in camping in Timisoara.

Included services: welcome dinner, parking fees for camping in Timisoara

Motorhome tour Romania
We leave the motorhomes in camping (happy drivers!). Transfer by coach to the city center. Guided visit of Timisoara: historical center, Unification Square (Piata Unirii), and the Art Museum.

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Motorhome tour in Romania
Departure by motorhomes to Transylvania. Stop on the way for visiting Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetuza, the Dacia capital in the time of the Romans.

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Motorhome tour in Transylvania
Departure to Sibiu by motorhomes. Arrival in a village near Sibiu. We leave the motorhomes at the guesthouse and continue by private coach for the visit of Sibiu. Visit of the medieval Sibiu and of the open air Ethnographic Museum ASTRA.

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Romania guided motorhome tour
Departure by private coach to Sighisoara (motorhomes remain at the guesthouse). Stop and visit Biertan, the most important Saxon fortress in Transylvania. Lunch at a restaurant. Visit of the impressive medieval fortress of Sighisoara;

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Romania by motorhome
On the road again with our motorhomes! Drive to Brasov, following the Southern Carpathians. Stop and visit the Brancoveanu Monastery in Sambata de Sus. Located in a very picturesque environment, this monk monastery is one of the very important centers of glass painted icons in Romania.

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Romania by motorhome
Once again we change motorhomes for a private coach. Drive to Sinaia and visit the impressive Peles Castle, dated since the end of the XIX century. The castle, built in the times of king Charles the 1st of Romania includes rich furniture, art and Murano mirrors collections.

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Motorhome tour Transylvania
We start this day by visiting the Bran castle, wrongly attributed to Count Dracula, the vampire of Bram Stoker’s novel. Back to camping and departure to Bucharest, following Prahova river valley, one of the most important passages between Transylvania and Valachia.

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Motorhome tour Romania Bucharest
Today a private coach takes us to the city center as Bucharest, like all major capitals is a very crowded town. Surnamed "little Paris of the 30th", the capital of Romania will impress us with the variety of its architecture.

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Motorhome Romania Bucharest

Well deserved relax day. Willing returning to the center you may take a bus or a cab. Take profit to fill your fridges with food from the big stores nearby the camping.
Included services: parking fees in camping in Bucharest.

Motorhome tour in Romania

Departure to the Danube Delta. After crossing the Romanian South Plane, we'll drive across the vineyard zone of the Dobrogea, in the South-East part of Romania.

Parking at a campsite in Danube Delta in Murighiol.

Included services: parking fees for the motorhomes in the camping in Murighiol

We leave the motorhomes in the safe parking in Murighiol for 2 nights.
In the morning motorboats will take us across the wild untouched Danube Delta. Local visits start! Our final destination in the late afternoon is Crisan, a village of fishermen, located on the Sulina channel.

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Incursion in the Delta - cruise by motorboats (cruise-lunch included). Danube Delta is one of the main highlights of tourism in Romania. The motorboats will take us across narrow channels, where you will discover "the paradise of birds"

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Transfer by motorboats from Crisan to Murighiol and continuation to Berca .

Included services: Breakfast in Crisan, dinner and parking fees of motorhomes at a 4* guesthouse in Berca.

In the morning we may share our vehicles for the visit of the Muddy Volcanoes near Berca. A very strange phenomenon happens here: cold and very liquid mud is pushed out by methane pressure.

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Another free day. Those interested may take a bus to review the spotlights in Brasov. Alternatively, you may visit Rasnov Fortress, which is quite near and the Valea Cetatii cave.

Included services: stationing in the camping near Brasov

Departure to the Szekler’s region, a very spectacular forested mountain area in Romania.

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Departure through Bicaz Gorges, a narrow canyon with high limestone walls. We can make some walking along the river, a good occasion for buying souvenirs from the craftsmen selling them along the road.

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We leave part of the motorhomes in place for easier parking access in sites. Drive to Humor Monastery for a first visit. Continue to Voronet Monastery, included in UNESCO patrimony.

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Romania motorhome tour Bucovina
Free activities: cleaning of the motorhomes, visit of Marginea black pottery village, easy walks in the surroundings. They say that Marginea black pottery is dating since the time of the Dacians (2000 years ago).

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Departure to the Maramures. Cross the village of Ciocanesti. Most of houses have the outer walls decorated with painted stuca imitating traditional local embroidery. The road takes us to Prislop Pass (over 1400m high).

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ROMANIA motorhome tour
In the morning, local visits in a tourist coach : the wooden church on the hill in Ieud, which they say it’s the oldest wooden church in Maramures (it is not always open for visitors…) and the church in the valley – a greek-catholic church, built in 1718. It houses very nice glass painted icons.

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Romania by motorhome: Maramures
Early breakfast. Drive in a coach to Viseu de Sus for a tour in a narrow gauge steam engine train that will take us along the Vaser Valley. Along the valley, about 60kms of railroad offer visitors impressive landscapes. The train isn't fast - no more than 15km/hour. It's a real travel in time.

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motorhome tour of romania - SAPANTA
Departure by tourist coach from Botiza. Discover the historical Maramures: visit of the new monastery of Barsana, well known in Maramures as a pilgrimage location. All the buildings of the monastery are made of wood, in respect to local tradition.

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motorhome in romania

Departure to Hungary. Bye-bye to our guide !

Services included: breakfast

What's Included

  • Accommodation

    - 10 nights in camping with water / electricity
    - 9 nights parking at guesthouses (water, electricity and waisted water discharge according to local conditions)
    - 2 nights in rooms at guesthouse (in Danube Delta)
    - 1 night in the parking of a guesthouse

  • Boarding

    - 11 breakfasts
    - 4 lunches
    - 2 picnics
    - 11 dinners (10 in guesthouses + 1 welcome dinner)
    - 1 festive dinner with traditional folk music

  • Activities

    - 1 wine tasting
    - 2 days motor boat touring in Danube Delta with a local guide
    - 5 guided tours in private coach (Timisoara, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov and Bucharest)
    - 1 tour in a small steam engine train in Vaser valley
    - 1 tour in a horse-drawn cart
    - guided visits for all sites included in the programme

  • Miscellaneous

    - french / english attested tour leader / guide for the entire itinerary in Romania (starting day 1 in camping in Timisoara)
    - detailed day by day travel file
    - stickers for the motorhomes
    - one detailed Romania map / crew (motorhome) and map supports
    - marker set for drawing on the maps
    - a SIM card for the cell phone / crew (motorhome) - please bring unlocked cell phones
    - travel agency phone support 24h / 24 h
    - one GPS with Romania detailed maps, including accommodation and sites co-ordinates every 2 crews (motorhomes)
    - entry tickets for all visits included in the programme
    - one CD including all photos taken by your guide during the tour (it will be sent after the tour ends)


The price does not include: entry tickets, additional taxes for video and camera (for example at the monasteries), beverages for included meals, tips (optional).


  • Participants no.
    Supplement (single)
  • 1 adult / motorhome 10-15 motorhomes (20-30 participants)
    1950 EUR
    0 EUR
  • 2 adults / motorhome 20-30 participants (10-15 mobilhomes)
    1650 EUR
    0 EUR
  • 3 adults / motorhome 10-15 motorhomes (20-30 participants)
    1450 EUR
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