Where to Stay

Romania offers a wide variety of accommodation for all tastes and budgets: hotels, guesthouses, youth hostels, boutique hotels & mansions.

Depending on the wishes of travelers when creating the program, one type of accommodation or another is preferred. Here are some technical explanations as well as some photos to get an idea of each type of accommodation.


The guesthouses are classified by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism according to the criteria of comfort (1 to 5 daisies in rural areas and 1 to 5 stars in urban areas).

1 daisy – usually means that the sanitary equipment is limited and that the toilets are in the garden; given the permanent trend of improving comfort there are hardly any guesthouses in this category left

2 daisies – are equivalent to a good standard of comfort but the bathroom(s) are shared, exclusively by travelers.

3 daisies – indicate, among other things, an individual bathroom (shower and WC) per room.

4 daisies – have a high level of comfort: larger rooms, facilities such as sauna, swimming pool, more luxurious decorations and furnishings

5 daisies – truly represents luxury and guesthouses in this category are rare. They offer SPA, body treatments, gourmet meals


Even though some guesthouses look like small hotels (having dozens of rooms, 24 hour reception, restaurant, etc.) we still use the name Guesthouse, as they are classified as guesthouses.

In rural areas we find guest rooms in the locals’ houses which are subject to the same standards and always included in the guesthouse category, but the difference is that these are smaller structures which have up to 8-10 rooms and offer a much more authentic welcome.

This type of accommodation has developed across the country over the past 25 years and is the type of accommodation that we favor most in our programs. These are most often typical houses for their regions, which will allow you to interact with the locals and discover the local cuisine made from organic products. There are many guesthouses built recently, mainly thanks to programs supporting the development of rural tourism.


Most of the accommodation facilities in urban areas and in seaside resorts are hotels.

Depending on the comfort and the facilities available, hotels are classified from 1 to 5 stars.


There are hardly any 1 * structures anymore and even if these would exist in some places we do not offer them to our travelers.

2 * – These are hotels which date back more than 30 years. They can be good from a cleanliness point of view, but some equipment (furniture, bedding, etc.) is quite dated …

3 * – These are either large hotels built during the communist period and renovated or small hotels built over the last two decades, close to the city centers, for leisure tourism but also for business tourism (they may have meeting rooms, parking, desks in rooms, etc.).

4 * – These are either large hotels built in the communist period and recently renovated, with a high level of comfort or brand new hotels. In addition to the facilities found for the 3 *, they often have Spa and fitness centers, gyms, wellness facilities, etc.

5 * – These are heritage buildings restored to high standards of comfort.

They have Spa and body care centers that meet the expectations of the most demanding travelers.


During our programs we favor the 3 * and 4 * categories, whose comfort is very good and the location adequate without the prices being too high or prohibitive.

Hotels 3*

Hotels 4*


These are old mansions or restored houses, guestrooms in local’s houses and even hotels which according to the comfort criteria of the Ministry of Tourism can have from 3 * to 5 *

The “charm and luxury” residences are the living expression of a place, its history, its environment and its culture, whose hosts invite you to discover an art of living and to share a unique human history.

Their philosophy is to offer travelers exceptional and unique experiences of hospitality and gastronomy.

You may wonder why we do not directly give you the list of accommodations chosen when creating the program. This is a very fair question, but there is a very important reason why we cannot do it. However, we can give you examples. Since our work focuses on tailor made tours, we do not have a stock of rooms allocated to the different structures. Reservations are made on specific request (after signing the contract), because only at this stage we have all the necessary elements for the reservation.